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My New Iron

My iron went on the fritz the other day and that was all I needed to buy this baby. I have had my eye on this Oliso Pro Iron for a couple of years, I saw it demonstrated at Quilt Market. It's awesome. See how it's above the surface? When you touch the handle it lowers to iron and when you let go, the iron raises back up. No need to lift it up on it's back. My neck and shoulders are a mess and this guy has helped lessen the lifting. It's probably not right to be so excited about an iron, but you sewing folks get it, right?

And then because I am such a nerd...  right after I got my iron we happen to be having a party. I set up a table on the back porch so I could demonstrate how cool it was. Granted, none of them sew, and they could believe that I would spend so much on an iron, but none the less, the all played with it. It was a hit.

Ok, back to playing with my new toy,

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