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Love Note Valentine Project

Hello, Valentines Day is just around the corner. I made up this little heart door hanger. It's got a pocket for you to tuck a love note to someone special.

Here's what you will need to get started;

1/4 yard heart fabric
3" x 6" pocket fabric
Assorted Trims
Fabric and Felt scraps
Heat n Bond Fusible Spray

1. First using the pattern here, cut out two hearts from the fabric and set aside.
2. Cut 2 squares of fabric measuring  2.75" x 3". These will be your pocket. Turn 1/4" down at the top of each piece, press and sew to hold.
3. Place right sides together and sew the three remaining sides together. Clip the corners, turn right side out, and press.

4. On one of of the heart pieces, arrange the pocket in the top left hand corner. Choose your trims for embellishing and cut to desired size for the heart.

5. Sew the trims and the pocket onto the heart. I like to hold my trims in place with Thermo-webs fusible adhesive. I spray the back of any of the flat trims and press them in place. They are held securely while I sew. I use this spray on my Happy Scrappy Scarf Trims as well.

6. Next, cut trims for the hanger measuring approximately 12" in length. Pin the ends to the top of the heart. 

7. Gather the tulle and pin it around the edges of the heart and pin into place. At this point it should look like the image below. I cut my tulles width to 3" wide for pinning. Once the heart was filled and sewn shut, I went back around with scissors and trimmed it to the desired length. 

8. Pin the second side of the heart to this heart making sure right sides are together. Leave a gap for turning and stuffing towards one of the bottom sides.

9. Sew around the heart, clip the curves up to the seam and turn right sides out.

10. Fill with fiberfill and hand sew opening closed.

11. I made my flower embellishment with a yo yo, some felt and a button. You can find the flower and leave pieces on the pattern piece printout if you would like to do the same. Sew the embellishment onto the heart and you are finished.

12. Fill out your love note and slip it into the pocket. If you want the same note paper as I used, you'll find a printable one on the pattern piece page as well.

Have fun!

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