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 Hey Hey,  I have been so busy lately behind the scenes at Jennifer Jangles. It's nice to take a break and do a little blog post. I bought a an old Sixxix cutting machine on Ebay a few weeks a long with some dies. I have been wanting to try one out to see if it was faster or better than just using scissors. I am still undecided on that one. It's fun to use and in just a bit I had a bunch of shapes to stack ad layer. I just wish they looked like they were cut by hand, you know a little wonky.

Pretty sure wonky wasn't a term I learned in art school. But anyway, after cutting out all of those shapes it was so much fun to spend and evening sewing the stacks together. 

And now I have a basket full of embellishments. I am calling them my emergency embellishments, because they are ready to go when I need them.

Have a great day,

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