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Flower Pincushion and Bowl Project

Hey, Hey, Happy Wednesday! I've got a little project for you. I don't know about you but I can never have enough pin cushions or things to carry my supplies in. I am always on the quest for the perfect way to carry around my projects etc. For awhile now, when I have a "night time, movie watching while I sew project" I carry my supplies up from my studio in a little bowl. It has worked just fine until I came up with this little flower bowl. It's a little fabric bowl but its go a bit of fluff in the center to use as a pin cushion as well. Now I can stick my pins and needles in a little thread and a small pair of snips and I am set to sew.

First of all, do you remember my flower mug rug project here? Well it turns out, its the same pattern pieces. You can find and print them here.

Here's what you will need:
Petal fabric 1/8 yard
Center fabric 8" x 4"
Heavy Craft Interfacing, I used Heat n Bond Fusible Heavy Craft Weight Interfacing
Batting 4" x 4"
Small pom pom fringe 1/2 yard
Felt 4" x 4"
Felt for leaf 4" x 4"
Coordinating floss

1. Start by cutting four sets of petals. Cut 4 petals from the heavy weight interfacing as well. I cut mine a 1/4" smaller so the seams would be nicer and then ironed hem on. Sew around the curved portion of the petal. Clip, turn, and press.

2. Iron on a piece of interfacing to one of the centers of the flower.

3. Divide and then mark with a pin, four quarters on the center. Start by pinning the center of one of the petals to one of the pins on the center. Continue pinning each side until it is completely pin.

4. Continue pinning the three petals on just as you did the first one in step 3. It will be a bit cumbersome at this point, but you're ready to sew around the center now. After sewing clip the edges around the center. Flip the petals up so that the center is the bottom of the bowl.

5. Take the remaining center and place a layer of batting underneath. Next, place a little larger circle of felt underneath the batting. Sew and a spill shape like marked on the pattern piece to hold everything together. Clip every 1/8-1/4 inch around the felt to create a fringe.

6. With floss hand stitch the pom pom fringe around the outside of the circle.

7. Hand stitch the center to the center of the bowl, it will be a bit larger so you'll have to gather the edge every now and then to make it fit in the center. When you gather it that bit the center will pouf up a bit in the middle. Before you reach the end of stitching the center on, tuck in a small amount of fiberfill to fill that space.

8. Cut out a leaf from the green felt. I chose to hand stitch around the outer edge of the felt leaf. Tack stitch it onto the bottom of the bowl.

Hope you had fun,

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