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My Craft Suitcase

I posted a picture of my craft suitcase over on my Facebook page and some folks got excited. So here is my really long picture loaded post on my craft suitcase. I always take some kind of box filled with my craft supplies when we travel. 

I had seen a few craft suitcases on Pinterest, and knew I needed my own. Because I LOVE to shop on Etsy that's where I went to start my search. I came across this little suitcase and scooped it up.

It's got room for all sorts of fabrics, ribbons, trims, beads, and more. I decided on a cork board for the top of the case that way I could pin things I was working on or ideas and sketches.

I made push pins by taking little tie tack pins and gluing buttons onto the pins.

They work really well and now I think I need more for cork boards at home.

It's all ready to take along on a camping trip in Lucy.

Here are some details of what I did on the inside. The case was in really good shape and I didn't really need to do anything. It was just a little boring so I had to spruce it up.

I cut a paper template of the bottom of the suitcase for my pattern. I ironed Therm-o-web's iron on vinyl onto the fabric to make it a surface that would stay clean.

To attach the fabric to the bottom of the suitcase I used double sided craft adhesive tape.

I went around the edges by hot gluing a cording to make it neat. I decided not to worry about the sides and leave them as is.

For the top section I glued fabric around the edge so it came partially into the center. 

I glued trims around the outer edge and then used double sided craft adhesive to attach the cork board. 

Last I glued some trim around the cork board. Then it was already to pack up. 

Have a great day,

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