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Making Your Own Customized Notebook

I am obsessed with notebooks and always have one with myself. Last summer I got a really awesome one in Toronto with sections. It was great but I have not been able to find another here. So when it ran out, I ended up just making my own buy printing out some lists. It was basic but pretty cool. It got my wheels turning.

I was pressed for time so I went on Etsy and Pinterest to search out some printables. There are TONS of them free and for a fee. I printed some of these file tabs, and these pages. And then I just got stuck at the ahhh-design website. Amanda Hawkins has all kinds of super cute printables. I ordered her calendar printables as well as printed a lot of her freebies.

I made a few other pages in my Photoshop program that were customized as well. Then I added some graph paper and some lined paper. Then for fin I added some colored papers. THEN, I found these awesome file folders at Target. I cut them apart to make dividers and covers for the notebook. Once I had the entire stack printed and ready to go I took them to my local print shop to have it spiral bound.

I have to say, it has been super fun to use. As soon as I fill this one up, I will be making more.

Have a great day,

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