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House Hot Pad Project

7" x 14" house fabric
7" x 10" roof fabric
3" x 5" window fabric
3" x 3" door fabric
6" x 12" fusile fleece
3" x 8" fusible webbing
4" ribbon
coordinating thread


Click here to get the pdf pattern pieces.

1. Cut two roof pieces with right sides facing and cut 2 house pieces. Trace the windows and doors onto fusible webbing and then press on to the corresponding fabric. Cut the pieces out. Arrange and iron the appliqués to one of the house body sides.

2. With right sides together arrange the roof on to the top of the house piece. Sew across using a 1/4" seam allowance. Open and press the seam.

3. Using the sewn house as a pattern piece cut out a piece of fusible fleece and iron it to the back of the house. Pin a loop of the ribbon to the top.
 4. Place the front of the house on top with right sides together. Sew around the outer edges leaving a 3" gap for turning. Clip any corners and turn right sides out. Press.

5. Tuck the raw edges into the opening and hand stitch closed.
Hope you had fun,

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