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Fabric Samplers, Trims, and Notions

Hey, Hey, How's January going for you? I have been hunkered down in the studio working on all kinds of new stuff. Loads of sewing, shop updates, pattern writing, fabric designing....I could go on and on. There are lots of fun projects and things happening in 2015 that I can't wait to share with you.

First up, is a shop update. After the holidays, I have to admit, the place is a bit of a mess. I am cleaning up and rearranging to make things easier for you.

As you know, I send out a free project every month in my newsletter and most of the time I get asked for kits and supplies to make the project. I have struggled in the past with knowing how many kits to make up or if you would just have the supplies already at home to make the project. Because my goal here at Jennifer Jangles is to get you sewing and crafting and having fun. I try my best to make that as easy as possible.

My first shop improvement of the year is my Trims and Notions sections. They are new and are being stocked with the things you need to complete projects you've seen here on the blog as well as your own projects.

I've spent all week adding new ribbons and trims

and Buttons and felt balls

and other goodies to the shop.

I hope you like them, as I will be adding more options throughout the year.

One more thing and then you can get started looking around..... Fabric Samplers. Over the past three years of selling fabric I have been collecting bolt ends, remnants, etc. I also get a lot of odd shaped pieces when I cut fabric for kits too. Well that pile was getting so big that something needed to be done. I started by playing around with some scrappy combinations and decided to make some sampler packs. They have three yards of fabric in them, some larger pieces and some smaller. I cleared my stack of extra fabric to make these and you'll most likely have to wait another three years to get some more. :)

If you take a look around and see that there is something you would like me to offer that's not in the shop, please let me know. I always love hearing from you.

Have a great day!

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