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Bugapalooza Strike Offs

Look what just arrived in the mail.... Bugapalooza strike offs. Whats a strike off, you ask? Well in the fabric printing world, the mill takes the design files that we (In The Beginning Fabrics and I)  send the mill. The mill does a first round of printing the designs on fabric. They screen print small pieces of the design and these are to make sure the colors are correct.

Think about if the mill just printed thousands and thousands of yards and it was the wrong color, yikes! Strike offs are usually sent once, notes are made about color changes and sent back. Then a second round of strike offs are sent. Usually that's all that needs to be done, every now and then a third round is required.

These strike offs are for my Bugapalooza fabric line that is arriving in stores in April. This is the first round of strike offs and they turned out really great. Every single one needs to be examined for printing flaws and color changes. 

Over the next few weeks, I will start planning out what patterns and projects I want to sew with these prints. This gives me a head start so when the yardage arrives I am ready and don't have to think about a thing and I can begin sewing.

 In the meantime, I will start sewing some smaller projects with these, because seriously, receiving strike offs is like being a kid on Christmas morning.

I always get questions about this.... how do you get these in your favorite quilt shop? Tell them to contact In The Beginning Fabrics for Bugapalooza or you can e-mail them this blog post.


 Have a great day,

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