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How to Embroider Stitch A Long

I have had so many people comment on social media about wanting to learn embroidery. Embroidery is a great addition to sewing and quilting or as project on it's own. I have some new embroidery patterns I am about to release as PDF's. This just seems like a good time to give some basic lessons to get you going. Let's kick off the stitch along on Thursday, sound good to you?  That gives you time to run out and get some supplies if you don't have them.

Here's what you'll need:

I will admit I don't have one brand of floss that I stick to, but right now my favorite to use is Cosmo Floss. It doesn't tangle as easy as some of the other flosses and they have some awesome variegated ones called Seasons. The drawback to these is the availability, I have a hard time finding them in stores so I order them from Oh Sew Retro. I used colors #701, #2563, #324, #8020, and #265. This is a sampler and you can use what ever floss you have or whatever colors you would like.

For fabric, you can pretty much embroider on anything, for the sampler I used Kona Cotton and because white can be see through, I double the thickness.

The needles will be found with other sewing needles on the notions wall, they will be marked as embroidery needles, if you can buy a sampler pack so you can decide which size you like using the best.

Scissors, just about any size will do but little ones do make it easier.

Your hoop can be any size as long as it is not so large that the fabric doesn't stretch across it. 6" is my go to size for most projects.

You'll need to transfer the pattern to the fabric, there are many different ways of doing this. My favorite is a Frixion Pen. These are sold in office stores, usually in packs of three. They erase with heat, so when your sample is finished, you just run the iron over the fabric and all of your markings are gone. They are great for sewing and quilting too!

One last thing... you sampler. You can print it here.

Alrighty, get to gathering your supplies, let's meet back up on Friday here at the blog and get going on this project.

Here's an image to pin(roll your mouse over it), this will remind you of all the lessons later.

Have a great day,

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