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How to Embroider with the Split Stitch

How's the sampler coming along? Were starting on our third stitch today, this one is called the split stitch. It's called the because you split the previous stitch as you go. I like to use this stitch on vines it's a very organic looking stitch to me.

First off, get your needle and floss ready. Start by making a running stitch.

From the bottom, send the needle up through the fabric and split the floss strands. The needle and floss will come up in the middle of the floss.  I've got a couple views of the needle here so you can see.

You'll notice the needle comes up through the floss towards the end of the prior stitch.

When I stitched my two rows of the split stitch I started both rows from the same end, that way the stitches would run the same direction.

Here's a diagram as well.

See yo tomorrow, we'll be working on the satin stitch.
Have a great day,

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