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How to Embroider with the Cross Stitch

Today's stitch is an easy one. It's the cross stitch. It's basically two running stitches that are criss crossed. The only reason I added it to the sample is because there are a couple of ways to stitch multiples of them. Either way works, you can choose which is best for you.

First of all, start at the bottom left point of the "X" and bring your needle up. Send the needle back down on the opposite side of the line. 

Now this is where you can choose the method of stitching you like. You can continue across your row, stitching all of the diagonal lines the move from left to right or you can do one "X" at a time.  In the above photo I went ahead and stitch the line from right to left next and then moved on to the next "X". 

If you're doing a whole row, sometimes it's easier to stitch all of the left to rights and then go back and stitch the right to lefts. It will also insure that your right to left floss will be on top across the whole row. This gives your cross stitch a more consistent look.

Your sampler should be finished at this point, woo hoo! I really hope you had fun. Send me photos of your samplers or other projects you've stitched. Tag me on instagram #jenniferjangles with them or post them on my Facebook page. I can't wait to see what you've stitched up!

Have a great day,

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