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New Studio Space

Hello! I moved into a new studio this summer and I can't wait to show you some photos. But let me back track a previous studio was fantastic, it was my two car garage that we converted into a studio. I was there for four years, or that's my best guess. 

My business is growing, I am growing the sewing pattern as well as my art licensing parts of my business. Oh and I also rented a small space for making pottery. Switching from painting to sewing to clay is hard to do in a small space. 

We are tossing around the idea of moving to a new house and so putting the garage back to a garage was necessary.

My boys are older too, they drive so it wasn't necessary for me to be there to run them to places. (This part makes me sad.)

All those things made me (and my family) realize it is time to move out of the house. 

Earlier this spring I moved into a small space in the Chase Warehouses. Chase Warehouses used to be a cotton mill. It was converted in to lofts, artist studios, and small business spaces. I fell in love with working here, but I was having the same struggle I was at home with separating all of my tasks. I planned on sticking it out because I love the atmosphere here.

Then one day out of the blue I received an email that a bigger space had opened up. I knew nothing about it but for some reason I sent an email wanting to see it. Thinking I was crazy because I had just moved in to the new space. I the hottest part of the summer in Georgia, was I really going to move again?

The next morning I went to see the space and I knew it was the one. It was perfect. There were three spaces for working. The loft would be great for my sewing area and there is a little room under the loft for clay work. 

I've been in for a few months now and it has been exactly what I needed for work. I have room to grow. 





Here's a labeled photo. I'm standing at the front door and my painting desk is next to me at he windows.  

Right now, I am not open for visitors, but that could change someday. This space seems like it would be perfect for workshops. I will keep you posted!

Have a great day,


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