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Holiday Tree Mug Rug Pattern

Enjoy your hot cocoa on this cute mug rug. It's a great gift for co workers and teachers, to add a little decor to their desk. It's easy to make so you can make many.



Here's what you will need:


Fabric for the tree 1/4 yard

Batting 9" x 9"

3" x 3" felt for star

Six pom-poms approximately 1" in width


Find the printable pattern pieces here.



1.Cut out fabric and batting according to the pattern pieces. Arrange the right sides together of the two fabric trees. Place a layer of batting on top. Pin to secure.


2. Sew around the outer edge, using a 1/4" seam allowance, leaving an opening at the bottom for turning. Clip all of the curves....clip them really well. Turn right sides out and press with an iron.


3. Hand stitch the opening closed.


4. Hand stitch the pom poms and the star onto the tree.





Here's a handy graphic to pin so you can remember it later. Hover your mouse over the image and the Pinterest symbol will come up.





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