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DIY Ice Cream Cone Ornament


Ice Cream! Who doesn't love ice cream? The instructions for this ice cream cone ornaments is written for sewists. But I think it would be just as easy to get out your glue gun and glue your way through this project. Either way, you'll end up with some super cute ice cream cones.


Find the printable pattern pieces here.




3" styrofoam ball

9" x 12" Glitter felt

10" x 10" fabric

pom pom trim

red pom pom for cherry

bakers twine for string



1. Roll the glitter felt into a cone shape and hand stitch to secure.


2. with the ball in the center of the fabric square, gather the fabric around the ball. Get as many fold out as you can and tie with bakers twine to secure.


3. Place the ball into the cone with the raw edges of fabric facing inward. Hand stitch around the top of the cone and the base of the ball to secure.


4. Stitch the pom pom trim around the top of the cone.


5. Tie a loop and tack stitch it to the top of the ice cream.. Stitch the pom pom on top.



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